Manchester City Boss, Pep Guariola fined for breaking the rules.

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City boss was fined as result of his unheeding attitude towards the rules of the association for wearing a yellow ribbon to the field of play.

In its written reasons explaining the £20,000 fine, the FA said
it had sent Guardiola “numerous warning letters”.
The Spaniard last week accepted an FA charge of “wearing a
political message”.
He was also warned by the FA about his future conduct.
In November, Spaniard Guardiola said he wore the ribbon to
support imprisoned politicians in his native Catalonia.
The FA spoke to the City boss about the situation in December
and had previously issued two formal warnings.
Action was taken after he wore it at pitchside – he is free to
wear it elsewhere – during City’s FA Cup fifth-round loss to
League One side Wigan on 19 February.
Guardiola explains why he wears a yellow ribbon
A movement encouraging sympathisers with Catalan
independence to display the yellow ribbon began in October.
It began after two prominent separatist leaders were jailed.
Two key members of the Catalan independence movement –
Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez – were held without bail
after an independence vote in October, which the Spanish
government deemed illegal.
Last month, Guardiola said he would continue to wear the
ribbon despite being charged for doing so.
He argued that the symbol was “not about politicians, it’s
about democracy”.
FA chief executive Martin Glenn insisted it was a political
symbol, saying “it’s a symbol of Catalan independence” and
“we don’t want political symbols in football”.
Guardiola responded to those comments by saying Glenn
“didn’t understand the reality”.
Guardiola did not wear the ribbon during City’s Premier
League match against Chelsea on Sunday but he did during
the news conference afterwards.
He also wore it during City’s most recent Champions League
game against Basel on the previous Wednesday as Uefa,
European football’s governing body, has different rules on
political symbols.

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